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Frequently Asked Questions

Corbin House Sober Living For Women is located in Lodi, California.

The monthly participation and shared expences fee is $535.00. There is also a one time Admission Fee of $150.00.

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that we do not interfere in anyones belief in a “Higher Power” Everything we know about Recovery tells us that a “Higher Power” is absolutely essential. With that in mind, your journey in spirituality is yours.

There are a maximum of 5 women allowed in the House. One of those is the “House Mom”

Absolutely! We have a Zero Tollerence Policy. We are committed to keeping all of the House Participants Safe. Alcohol or Drug use is patently unacceptable.

Yes. If you do not curently have employment then you must obtain employment. If for some reason you are unable to work, then you must either be going to school or you must volunteer in one or more Community Organizations

You are required to physically attend at least four AA, NA or Celebrate Recovery meeting every week. Online meetings do not count, however we do encourage you to add those to your schedule.

Yes. An Alcohol and Drug test is performed prior to anyone entering the House.


“better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without”

– Confucious

"Staying sober is tough. You are tougher!"

Are you ready for a change?

One truth in our lives is that the world is constantly changing. The question in front of you now, is how much do you want to be a part of that change.

If change is what you want and help is what you need, we are ready to help.